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Soda PDF 360 - Full Review

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Last Updated January 2021

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Are you a regular user of PDF software and need to create and manage multiple documents for work? With the help of Soda PDF 360, you can easily create and manage PDF files. It has a lot of features and functions and is a must-have for anyone who is looking for a good PDF management tool. Read our review to learn more.


Key Features - Pros:


Editing Tools – Editing is very powerful and fast. It allows users to easily change the appearance and text of their documents with just a few clicks. It also comes with a variety of tools that help increase productivity, such as the ability to intuitively change layouts and fonts.

Updated Design – This new version of Soda PDF has recently been completely redesigned. It features a fast and easy to use interface that allows users to perform various tasks, such as converting, editing, or splitting documents.

Web Browser Integration – Soda PDF 360 allows users to access its online version, which is very similar to the desktop version. It also comes with a variety of other features that can be accessed on various devices.

Layout, Grid and Measurement – A special grid tool helps users keep everything in alignment. It can also measure the elements to ensure everything is laid out perfectly.



The new updated design ironed out the few minor complaints from the previous version. It is honestly difficult to find a flaw in this version. The only complaint could be if you require only a couple basic features, this would be too robust for you.

Full Review:

The product from LULU Software, Soda PDF, is a portable and intuitive PDF reader that can be used anywhere. Its online functionality, which comes with both the desktop and mobile versions, allows users to sign and edit PDF documents on the go.

The software comes with a wide variety of functions and features, and it can be used to read various types of books and other documents. Its PRO version also comes with e-signature and OCR capabilities, which are very popular among users.

The software comes with a variety of security and viewing features that make it incredibly easy for users to browse through official documents.

The best part about this software is its web-based application, which can be accessed on any device running on a browser. This makes it incredibly easy for users to create, edit, and view documents anywhere in the world.

Viewing and Editing PDFs

One of the best features of Soda PDF 360 is that it lets you read your PDFs and other files in 3D with the page-flipping technology. You can also add comments, stickers, etc. when viewing the PDFs to keep a track of the edits and modify the content easily. It is also simple to customize the structure of the PDF file with this software.

Creating and Converting PDFs

Soda PDF 360 also comes with a variety of features and functions that allow users to create and manage PDF files from various file formats. It can convert your existing PDF files into different formats, such as HTML, Excel, and PDF/A. With this software, you can create a single PDF file and customize it to your liking.

OCR and Forms

The PRO version of Soda PDF 360 also comes with a variety of features and functions that allow users to create and manage PDF files from various file formats. One of these is its ability to create digital forms, such as invoices and surveys. With the help of its optical character recognition feature, users can simply convert images into PDF files.


Final Verdict:


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Soda PDF 360 is a fully featured software that also benefits from an intuitive and easy design. Some stand-out features include the ability to create digital forms, convert images into PDF files, and keep track of their changes and security settings. The features of the enhanced PRO version work just as well – collecting e-signatures, keeping files secure, and using the OCR are all made easy. Not much to complain about.

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