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PDF Suite - Full Review

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Last Updated January 2021

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A good PDF management software can make it incredibly easy for users to create and manage their documents. One of the best is PDF Suite, which allows users to create and manage their documents from scratch. PDF Suite includes various features that allow users to securely use and review their documents. It also comes with version levels that allow users to choose the software that works best for them. To see if this software is a good fit for your needs, read on for our full review.

Key Features - Pros:


Interactive Forms – With PDF Suite, you can easily create interactive forms that can then be filled with various details. This can be done by importing existing documents or by creating new ones.

Extra Security – Security features include password protection, digital signatures, and different levels of access for your documents.

Optimized for Mobile – PDF Suite can help you optimize your documents for mobile devices. It also provides a variety of tools that work exceptionally well across different platforms.

Multimedia Integration – Easily add audio and video files to your documents. This is something that not all leading software can do, so it's a standout toolset.



There are a few buttons that could be reorganized for advanced users. Not a major issue, more an aesthetic recommendation.

No redact function. Some advanced features missing. Most users will be well-served regardless.

Full Review:

The latest version of PDF Suite can be divided into three different versions: the Standard, Professional, and the full version.

PDF Suite is a lightweight and budget-friendly program that can handle various tasks related to creating and managing PDF documents. It can be used to convert different file formats into a PDF, create forms, and merge documents.

Although PDF Suite's main features are acceptable in the Standard version, many of its advanced functions, such as the ability to create interactive forms and convert documents, require an upgrade. Regardless of the version, its clean and easy-to-use interface makes it an ideal choice for busy individuals.

Aside from its main functions, PDF Suite also comes with a variety of security features, such as 256-bit password protection. It can additionally provide users with access control and digital signatures.


PDF Suite can be used to open, print, and copy documents at a fast and efficient speed. It can also be used to view and manage various file formats, such as e-book documents and presentations. It can additionally be used to create and manage peer collaboration documents.

Creating and Converting

With the help of its powerful converter, PDF Suite can convert almost any file format into a PDF, including those from Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. It can also be used to convert the files back into the original MS Office documents or image files.

Editing and Securing

With the help of PDF Suite, users can easily add and customize various graphical elements in their documents. It can also be used to create and manage multiple file formats, such as e-book documents and presentations.

Creating PDF Forms

One of the most attractive features of PDF Suite is its ability to create and manage online forms. With the help of this program, users can easily send out various forms and submit them to the sender in just a couple of minutes. Two of the most popular versions of PDF Suite are the PRO and PRO+OCR. These allow users to create and manage multiple forms with ease.

Final Verdict:


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PDF Suite is a good PDF editor that comes with a wide range of features. It is very easy to use, and it has most of the usual functions, such as the creation of forms and multiple file formats. However, it has a few limitations and annoyances. For example, in the Standard version, there is no Redact function and pop-ups advertise upgrading. But if you're looking for a budget-friendly nuts-and-bolts solution, then PDF Suite is a great choice.

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