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Password Manager - Try for Free

Site: Dashlane 

Feature: Free VPN with premium

Feature: Password vault & auto-fill

Feature: US patent for its security architecture

Available on: PC, Mac, IOS & Android


As the leader in password management - Dashlane utilizes AES 256-bit encryption with multi-factor authentication for all of your passwords. This allows you to monitor and autofill conveniently and safely on all your devices. Dashlane even has a US patent for its security architecture, giving peace-of-of-mind knowing your information is protected and secure. Start with a Free Download!

Available on:


Why Do You Need A Password Manager?

Aren’t you tired of clicking the "forget password" icon or remembering a password recovery security question you created years ago? A Password Manager securely stores all your passwords in one place, so you don’t have to waste any more time. Easily access any password when needed with one simple click. Information is encrypted so you know it's the safest place to store your passwords.  Password Managers also include additional time saving features that may include: password generators, form auto-fillers and additional storage capabilities. Try for yourself, with a free trial of our editor’s top-rated password manager by clicking this link: Free Trial.

Choose The Right Password Manager For You

Choosing a password manager can seem like a frightening process. Most likely since it involves your personal information. We all want to maintain our personal security. With these thoughts in mind, there's some great news! We have come a significantly long way in secure applications that can safely protect your identity and encrypt data, while simultaneously providing convenience. Two of the main things to take into consideration when choosing a password manager is whether you want Free vs. Paid membership, and what set of features you want in a password manager.

Let’s Compare Free VS Paid Membership


Membership: Free VS Paid

A free trial or free with limited features option is always enticing, but we really need to ask ourselves if free actually means the best service and features? Personal information is nothing to mess around with and is 100% a necessity. Would you want to leave your personal data in the hands of a free automated system or know that it is being monitored meticulously by a company that always strives to improve and perfect its security policies and encryption?

Before taking the dive and purchasing a product you are unsure of, we recommend taking advantage of their FREE versions of their products. Try a free trial of our editor’s choice password manager by clicking this link:
Free Trial. This trial will give you a great understanding of the password manager company's performance and primary features. It usually takes a couple days to a week to determine if the product is right for you. If it is, have the peace of mind knowing their premium version fits all your needs.

Always remember that in the case of your online identity and personal information security, a paid membership will not only give you better features but will have more protection and monitoring in place. Let’s look into the other important aspect involved in choosing the best password and security manager for you - features.

Password Manager Feature Checklist

Free or Paid “Premium” Version Features may include:

  • Password storage capabilities and back-ups

  • Form and Payment AutoFill

  • Password strength analysis

  • Password Generator

  • Multiple Devices

  • Easy to use browser extensions

  • App versions for devices

  • VPN for Wifi Protection

  • Personalized Security Alerts

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Credit Monitoring

  • Identity Theft Insurance

Most industry leading companies in this space will be able to accommodate multiple passwords, across multiple devices on desktop and mobile. Keep in mind that the quantity usually depends on whether you are using their free or paid “premium” services.

Top features you should look for with a Password Manager

  • Unlimited password storage

  • Unlimited devices

  • Security – on your desktop and on the cloud

  • Backup services – easy to restore if data is lost

  • Ability to sync Cloud data across your multiple devices

  • Password Generator

  • Form and Payment AutoFill

  • Password Security Encryption


In Conclusion

There are always pros and cons to any digital service you use in today’s world. That especially includes password managers. Each password manager service out today offers a large selection of useful features. The key is for you to find which company will serve you the best. Please review our ratings and detailed information above to make an informed decision for your password manager account creation.

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